Don’t underestimate the power of interior design

by | Apr 7, 2017

Any of us who are passionate about what we do are inevitably asked “so, what made you want
to get into ‘X?’”  For some of us, that won’t bring to mind a defining moment that changed our perspective on the world or how we were going to relate to it.  It may not even be a series of events, but rather a process so gradual that we consider it to have always been a part of us.  For me, design is something I’ve noticed and had an opinion on ever since I can remember.  Quite simply, it’s a way of life.

Nothing has a more immediate effect on our mood and well-being than our surroundings.  Light, color, texture, sound – we may not be conscious of each individual element, but they all work simultaneously to affect our sense of being at any given moment.  Our awareness of this is the first step to making our environments work for us rather than allowing them to merely exist, or worse, to work against us.

This begins in the home, which is usually the environment we have the most control over, and continues with our work space and also where we spend our time recreationally – restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, etc.  Considering that many of us spend at least 50% of our time on this planet at work, our enjoyment and comfort in that space is essential to our overall feeling of happiness and well-being.  Good design should be functional–it understands the needs of the user and maximizes efficiency.  Depending on the office, this could mean more privacy or a space that lends itself to collaboration.  It almost always means more natural light and ventilation.  Countless studies prove that an inspiring and functional office space can boost morale, productivity, excitement to be at work, and can also make people healthier.  It’s no surprise that employees who enjoy their workspace take less sick days and are more productive!

At home good design means every member of the household has a space suited to them, which ultimately makes everyone feels peaceful and settled, rather than pressed for privacy and competing for space. At work this may mean employees have elements of control over their space, whether it be through lighting, temperature, an accent wall color or personal items. 

Every space we choose to spend time in impacts us, which is why good design is so important. Restaurants are an excellent example of this.  No matter how good the food is, if the vibe is off people are not going to want to return.  Setting the mood, be it relaxed and casual or elegant and formal, is part of the foundation of great hospitality.  In addition to the service, the design of the space is largely responsible for how people feel once they step inside.  Do all of the design elements work together to meet or exceed their expectations of the experience?  Only the smallest disconnect needs to register with a guest to make them feel that some part of their meal, or their evening, was not quite perfect. You could even go so far as to say that a well-conceived atmosphere can make a good meal extraordinary (and vice versa).

I got into design because of it’s power that excites and inspires me.  Design is not only my profession, but it is my passion, as evidenced by my attention to detail and consideration of each project from unique and infinite angles.  In essence, I believe that great design not only has the ability to make our lives feel more beautiful, but also more peaceful, more organized, and more purposeful.


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Don’t underestimate the power of interior design

Any of us who are passionate about what we do are inevitably asked “so, what made you wantto...


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